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About Universal Infotech

Universal Infotech services benefit the end-users and product developers by accelerating time-to-market for a broad range of applications in these focus domains. Universal Infotech engages with its customers in every step of the product engineering and system integration process, providing world–class and cost-effective solutions. Universal Infotech helps convert complex product ideas into physical designs keeping in mind DFM/DFT techniques that make the system scalable and successful.

IT Solutions

Network Solutions

Universal Infotech is your home for network design and consulting, along with the highest quality customer care and support. Sharing and managing information is a crucial part of a smooth running business.

Server Solutions

Universal Infotech provide consultants who are certified experts and are professionally capable in handling micro to large projects from design to implementation.

Wireless Solutions

Universal Infotech can get your business moving by mobilising your workforce. With expertise on multi-vendor products we can help you choose the right solution to fit your requirement.

Voice over Internet Protocol

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), is phone service over the Internet or Leased Lines. If you have a reasonable quality connection you can get phone service delivered through your Internet / Leased Line connection instead of from local phone company.

Support Solutions

Universal has always been zealous about supporting customers to focus on their strengths. They are confident about the knowledge that their IT systems will reliably support them and their colleagues in their business pursuits.

Manage Server Disc

Many companies don't want to go through the trouble of employing an IT manager and with our services on, they don't need to. We offer a fully managed solution for all your networking requirements including full systems.

Cloud Services


Virtualisation technology provides encapsulation that prevents workloads from accessing resources that are not assigned to it which allows a virtualised system to support multiple independent workloads simultaneously. Read more >

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backups (off-site, remote, or managed backups) are an online system for backing up and storing computer files by collecting, compressing, encrypting, and securely transferring critical data off the main site. Read more >

Disaster Recovery

It is a requirement of businesses to be able to continue business at normal, or near normal levels in the event of an incident that disrupts the usual day to day running of operations. Analysing risks caused by natural disaster like flooding, fire, etc. Read more >

Office 365

Office 365 delivers the latest services and applications from direct Microsoft to your users as a managed service. No more Monitoring Datacentres, software upgrades or server upgrades, just use it. Read more >

Our Services

Business Phone and Broadband

It's vital that businesses are connected to their internet at all times. If a quality broadband solution is what you're looking for ....

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It's vital that businesses are connected to their internet at all times. If a quality broadband solution is what you're looking for ...

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Business Service

Universal Infotech has over the years combined operational, technology and engineering excellence that have resulted in long ...

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We reward our associates with professional growth

Universal Infotech offers highly competitive compensation programs, benefits, and unparalleled growth and development opportunities - all to create a compelling and rewarding work environment.

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